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Q. 3  Can I request a new song in my language?

You can request any song from our 35,000 library of English songs and help create the translated Library. The translated version will be done when 10 or more identical requests are received. Checkout "You Choose" for suggestions under categories.

Q. 6  What's YOU CHOOSE?

We have a stock of 350+ translated songs but would like your suggestions to expand the library based on your requests. This section provides a pre-selected list but if your favourite songs are not there why not put a request in?

Q. 9  Download vs Subscriptions- What's the advantage?

With Subscriptions although you have access to the entire library you are renting the material and would need to be on WIFI to use the product. If you Download a Song it will reside on your device and you will own it forever; so as you don't need WIFI you can practice ANYTIME, ANYWHERE with ANY FUNCTION including S2L Skills Test!!

Q. 10  What is Learn Mode

Learn mode provides an easy way to practice a song line by line. Each line is played with lead vocal and then repeated without it, for you to practice! You can of course loop any segment as many times as you like and drag to any point in the song.

Q. 12  What is Jargon Buster Plus?

We decrypt over 250 Idioms & Useful Expression. An Idiom is a phrase who's meaning is not literal such as “Play it by Ear!” or “Count on Me”. Speak like a Local, understand those weird and colourful expressions and see “Another One Bite the Dust” as you learn in the context of your favourite songs. Also include grammar decoder!


SING2LEARN FOUNDATION is a Registered Charity Number 1159978. Our purpose is to help all disadvantaged persons acquire the skills to speak fluent English and better their career prospects.

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